Our History

Victory Ministries of Alaska is the largest Christian camp and conference ministry in the State of Alaska, with the mission to  “evangelize and disciple children and youth in Alaska for Jesus Christ through Christian camping.”  Victory Ministries consists of two campuses: Victory Bible Camps, located 95 miles northeast of Anchorage, and Camp Li-Wa, located 5 miles northeast of Fairbanks. Both campuses offer camping programs year-round which include: family camps, missionary conferences, weekend retreats, educational programs and summer camps for all ages.

Victory Ministries of Alaska, as an organization, was officially founded until 1992. Prior to that time, Victory Bible Camp and Camp Li-Wa were both part of the international mission organization, InterAct Ministries.

Victory Bible Camp was started in 1947 by John and Nadine Gillespie. It began with just 40 acres, granted by the US Congress before Alaska was even a state. The beautiful campus, which is near the Matanuska Glacier, now includes over 400 acres and is able to host groups of 300 people.

Camp Li-Wa was started in 1959 and was operated by Denali Bible Chapel  for 25 years.  It came under InterAct Ministries in 1985.  It was founded as a summer camp, but now has a year-round ministry. Camp Li-Wa’s facilities include one of the Alaska’s largest heated indoor riding arenas and building is currently underway on a dining and retreat center.