Victory Ministries’ COVID-19 Response


During the 2020 summer season, we had over 1,100
campers and volunteer staff pass through Victory
Ministries. Officially, Governor Dunleavy asked us to follow
stage four mandates, but we chose to follow the
heightened stage two protocols. By God’s grace and
mercy, not one camper came down with Covid while on
Victory Ministry’s properties!

In January 2021, Governor Dunleavy lifted official
mandates, asking each business to determine their own
protocols. Victory Ministries remains serious about
protecting the health and safety of the campers and
guests under our care. We are vigilant in keeping our
properties clean and safe.

The pandemic has revealed a deep spiritual need in
individuals, families, and our society. As a ministry, we are
dedicated to evangelize and disciple children and youth in
Alaska for Jesus Christ through Christian camping.
Our mission and the present need, call us to keep our
facilities open to welcome campers and guests, as long as
it is permitted and wise to do so. Guest services are
provided in compliance with Alaska Department of Health
and Social Services protocols.

Summer Camp 2021

We eagerly anticipate an exciting Summer Camp this
season! Thank you for trusting us with the health and
safety of your children. We commit to providing them a
safe, fun, encouraging, and memorable camp experience!
Summer camp registrations are now open, please follow
the link to register your child for an exciting week at camp.

Guest Groups

Both Victory Bible Camp (Glacier View), and Camp Li-Wa
(Fairbanks), are receiving guest group bookings for the
upcoming fall and winter seasons.

Family Getaways

Our facilities are open to receive family groups and other
small groups that want to get away for a time of fun,
relaxation, and reconnecting with each other and Jesus Christ.

Please join us in praying for a healthy and fruitful
season of ministry in 2021!