A Letter from our Executive Director


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Concerning COVID protocols, individual cities vary, but Alaska has been at stage four since the end of May, 2020. We want you to know that we are concerned about the health and safety of our guests, whether adults or children. We will do our best to protect those under our care. Extra efforts are being taken to keep the environment as clean and safe as possible.

We know that this COVID season has revealed deep spiritual need in individuals, families, and our society. As a ministry, we are dedicated to evangelize and disciple children and youth in Alaska for Jesus Christ through Christian camping. We remain open for you, and will remain open as long as it is permitted and wise to do so.

Winter Camps:

We are now in the middle of our winter camping season, and are operating in compliance with the directions from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. If at any point, our winter program needs to be closed down, or for some reason your child cannot attend camp, we will refund your deposit or assist you in changing dates. Follow this link to register for one of our exciting weekends at camp!

Summer Camp 2021:

We are eagerly anticipating Summer Camp 2021! As with last season, we will comply with all State directives in order to provide a safe, fun, and encouraging Summer Camp experience for your kids. Summer Camp Registrations will open mid-February

Guest Groups:

Both Victory Bible Camp and Camp LiWa are receiving guest group bookings for this winter season. Guest services will be in compliance with the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services protocols. If for some reason, we cannot accommodate your booking, will be happy to rebook your group for another date, or refund your deposit.

Family Getaways:

Our facilities are open for families to get away for a time of fun, relation and reconnecting with each other and Jesus Christ. Bookings are transferable or will be refunded if you, for any reason, are unable to use your dates.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please feel free to call.
Victory Bible Camp – 907.745.4203 or 619.947.2183
Camp Li-Wa – 907.388.2533 or 907.687.6814
Executive Director, Ward Hurlburt IV – 907.250.1725
Please join us in praying that our camps will enjoy a healthy and fruitful season of ministry.
Ward Hurlburt IV
Executive Director